Leadtosale provides superior functionality to existing call tracking systems, to ensure that you can not only prove your return on investment, but also optimise towards delivering a greater return on investment.

Call Tracking

Track calls from any source using our call tracking technology. You can use this to track Google AdWords, Facebook ads, referrals from certain sources and so much more. Use JavaScript to build up complex tracking rules. Choose from local or toll-free numbers.

Call Recording

Ensure leads are being handled correctly by inbound sales teams by listening in. Use this to provide them with feedback and improve your sale conversion rate across all tracked traffic sources. Coming soon: you'll even be able to get transcriptions of calls automatically.

Rotatable Numbers

You can choose to implement one, static number or rotate several static numbers to improve reconciliation accuracy. This means that people that write your number down do not get a dead line when they call, and you still get the accuracy of rotatable numbers.

Form Tracking

Track your form submission leads using our simple form trackers. You have precise control over which forms you track by utilising complex CSS selectors in our JavaScript tracker snippets. You can also simply match all forms on your website by default.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM using our Zapier integration. You can trigger an event to Google Analytics or send an offline conversion to Facebook when an opportunity or deal is won in your CRM and matched to website leads.

Accounting Integration

Are your clients SMEs who do not have CRM software? No problem, we can integrate with their accounting software to send events or offline conversions when invoices are generated and matched to website leads.

Lead Collaboration

Make notes against leads and collaborate with your team. Listen to calls and take notes at the same time to ensure you don't forget what you wanted to tell your inbound sales teams about their calls.

Implementation Services

Accelerate your Leadtosale adoption with our implementation services. We can help with training, or manage the end to end implementations on your behalf. We can even custom build integrations if they are not currently supported by Zapier.

Lead Enrichment

Coming soon: we'll be able to automatically enrich your form and call leads using Clearbit, and use this information to score your inbound leads. Get the right information to your sales team without manual effort and let them focus on the leads that are likely to close.