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A single platform to manage conversion tracking for local marketers

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Show your clients how good you are

We know you're doing an amazing job at helping your clients grow, but do they know that?

With Leadtosale you have a view of every lead generated for them by channel, for all time.

Now you can start reporting on real, high quality leads you've generated, rather than an abstract 'conversion' metric.

Transparent tracking with Leadtosale

Spend time on generating more leads, not implementing your tracking

Our tracking and integration tools mean you can spend less time on implementing your tracking, and more time on generating the leads.

No worrying about implementing pixels from different providers, or making mark up changes to phone numbers. One tracking snippet does it all.

You can reduce your tracking set up time from one hour to five minutes with Leadtosale.

Easy set up with Leadtosale trackers

Ditch billable hours and start charging for value

Your clients don't care how much time you've spent trying to generate more leads.

All they care about is growing their business - and you should be charging for that.

Your business will no longer be dependent on your input time, but your outputs instead.

Invoice clients for high quality leads with Leadtosale

Why Leadtosale?


Fully self-service

Get started for free without having to talk to anyone. No salespeople, no 'customer success'.


Local support

When you do need help, someone will be there. We're based in NZ and Australia so cover most timezones.


Support from marketers

The people that are there to help are experienced marketers, not call centre staff.


Transparent pricing

Our pricing is outlined clearly with no hidden fees or set up costs.


Cover all lead types

We don't just track calls. We include forms and chat bots to ensure you have the full picture.


Biddable conversion data

We send data back to the platforms you use to generate leads so you can use it to generate more.


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Web Tracking Call Tracking Automation

Deploy Universal Analytics & Facebook Pixel

Track form submissions

Track custom lead events

Track email & phone link clicks

ITP resistance

Cookie notifications & compliance

Code-free testing

Local numbers from over 50 countries

Toll free numbers

Call forwarding to an existing number

Dynamic number replacement

No mark-up change number replacement

Rotating phone numbers for accurate attribution

Call whisper

New lead notifications

Deploy Google Analytics goals

Create Facebook offline event sets

Connect Google Analytics and Google Ads

Data Studio connector

Zapier integration

Hubspot integration

Replaces Replaces Replaces

Manual pixel management

Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager Injector



Call Tracking Metrics

Manual goal configuration

Manual event set configuration

Manual data entry

"We've gone from making hundreds of HTML changes to one code snippet to deploy our tracking.

It takes less than five minutes to start tracking all website leads."

Digital Marketing Freelancer

"We are able to bring a single, transparent view of marketing performance to our clients with Leadtosale.

With this view, we're able to generate more of their highest value customers."

Smart Business Consultancy


Our pricing is dependent on the country you're purchasing numbers for.

For example, if you're located in the United States, and need numbers from New Zealand, you'd choose the New Zealand plan.

If you'd like pricing for another country, please contact us.

You can also check out our pricing help page for additional information.


From $30 USD / month

From $50 USD / month

All features All features All features
2 local phone numbers 1 toll free number Custom number inclusions
200 minutes 200 minutes Custom minute inclusions
Pay as you go overages Pay as you go overages Invoice billing
2 months base plan free on annual subscription 2 months base plan free on annual subscription Volume discounts
Bring on 5 or more clients and get an additional 20% off your base plan Bring on 5 or more clients and get an additional 20% off your base plan
Additional numbers from $2 USD / month Additional numbers from $3 USD / month
Additional minutes from $0.05 USD / minute Additional minutes from $0.05 USD / minute
Mobile destination fee: N/A
Mobile destination fee: N/A
Mobile caller fee: N/A