Wasting time and money on lead generation?

Connect your sales data to your lead generation platforms and start optimising towards revenue.

Know what channels, ads and keywords are generating the most revenue across your entire customer base. Use that data to change your budget allocation, audiences and targeting.

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Deploy analytics at scale

Deploy your Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics quickly with built in event, form and call tracking.

No more need for fiddling with tags, triggers, variables and configuring goals.

Our built in trackers will let you deploy your page view tags, event tags and call tracking tags all in one place, with one snippet, without knowledge of JavaScript.

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Call tracking with Leadtosale

Track phone calls

Get ad creative and keyword level attribution for your phone call leads.

Utilise our recordings, transcriptions and multi number rotation to ensure lead quality is assessed accurately.

Use our integrations to send data back to Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads about your leads, and the sales from those leads.

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Call tracking with Leadtosale

Integrate and optimise

Use our Zapier integration to connect your sales back to your leads.

Whenever an opportunity or deal closes in your CRM, we can search our leads for a matching email or phone number, and send an additional event back to Google Analytics or Facebook.

Add the sale value to this event and start optimising towards revenue.

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Zapier and Leadtosale

"Leadtosale has provided us with an additional layer of data for campaign optimisation and return on ad spend analysis. This has allowed a more accurate approach to media planning and ultimately ROAS."

Jono Swanston, Head of Search & Analytics at Krunch