New Feature Roundup - July 2019

5-Aug-2019, 0 comments

  1. Facebook Offline Conversions integration
  2. Additional Lead Insights
  3. Better email notifications

Facebook Offline Conversions integration

We now natively support Facebook Offline Conversions.

This means that you can:

  1. Send all your call, form, custom and raw leads to…

Connect HubSpot to Google Analytics

21-Jun-2019, 0 comments

We've released our first native CRM integration - HubSpot. Now you can optimise your lead generation towards closed-won deals in HubSpot simply by authenticating your account.

What problem does this solve?

Often, marketers only have visibility of a lead before it is qualified by sales. This is particularly prevalent in agency-client relationships, where an agency will solely be responsible for generation leads, but not have visibility over the quality of leads they are generating.

Automating Google Analytics audits using the official Google Analytics add on for Google Sheets

22-Jan-2019, 0 comments

What is the point of having automated audits?

Disclaimer: when I say audit, I really mean a health check.

The point of Google Analytics is to guide future decisions. To increase your chance of making the right decision, you need to ensure that the data is not unexpectedly impacted by your implementation.

There are common configuration issues that can do this, which are easily fixed. However, you do not want to spend a significant amount of time pulling data to check and…

5 tips for debugging Google Analytics Measurement Protocol hits

17-Jan-2019, 0 comments

We’ve been working with Measurement Protocol for a while now and have encountered situations that were challenging to debug. If we had thought about these 5 things, we could have saved ourselves a significant amount of time.

What is Measurement Protocol?

Measurement Protocol is a method prescribed by Google that allows you to send user interaction data directly to Google Analytics. You can learn more about Measurement…

Track Clearbit Forms using Google Tag Manager

12-Jul-2018, 0 comments

What is Clearbit and what are Clearbit Forms?

Clearbit is a B2B data company that allows you to enrich sign-ups, identify prospects and gain customer insights through their product suite. Their flagship product, enrichment, allows you to enrich an email address with insights about that person and their company, including job title, company size and more.

This means you can spend less time researching a lead and follow up with that lead in the appropriate way based on characteristics…

Push the Google Analytics client ID to the dataLayer using customTask

10-Jul-2018, 0 comments

Background and the problem

Google allows you to get and modify your Measurement Protocol hits as they are being built using customTask. This allows users to easily access the Google Analytics client ID even on the first page view (i.e. before the client ID has been set) without having to create a dummy tracker or moving away from the Universal Analytics template tag in Google Tag Manager.

Predictions for Google Marketing Live 2018

8-Jul-2018, 0 comments

We’re only days away now from Google Marketing Live, where we’ll find out about the year ahead of feature changes in Google’s Advertising platforms. The big bomb has already been dropped, with Google announcing it will be changing the name of its 18-year-old platform, Google AdWords, to ‘Google Ads’. Is this the biggest news to come, or is it the smoke-bomb before Google drops more changes on us? Here are our predictions of what’s coming, but first let’s look a bit closer at the…

Webinar: Google Tag Manager Training

9-Jun-2018, 0 comments

Check out our webinar on how to get started with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics – Google Tag Manager basic training.

  • Find the original blog post for the copy…

New feature: Raw reconciliation tracker

14-May-2018, 0 comments

What is it?

Call tracking is an interesting problem. Phone calls and web visits are completely separate activities. To solve this problem, most call tracking systems reconcile phone calls with the last web hit they record. They usually offer rotating phone numbers and dynamic number insertion to increase the accuracy of this reconciliation process. For example, phone numbers are swapped out from a pool of numbers at random when there’s a website visit from AdWords.

We wanted…

Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 5 – Checking whether Google Tag Manager is installed automatically

10-May-2018, 0 comments


We’re finally here – the last part in our five part series on rolling out web analytics at scale. As always, if you still need to read parts one, two, three, and four,…