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New Feature Roundup - July 2019

Check out Leadtosale's latest features from our July 2019 release.

Connect HubSpot to Google Analytics

Learn how you can connect HubSpot and Google Analytics with Leadtosale's HubSpot integration.

Automating Google Analytics audits using the official Google Analytics add on for Google Sheets

Learn how you can automate data quality audits in Google Analytics using the official Google Analytics Google Sheets add on.

5 tips for debugging Google Analytics Measurement Protocol hits

Struggling to send hits to Google Analytics directly? Here are 5 helpful tips for debugging your Measurement Protocol hits.

Track Clearbit Forms using Google Tag Manager

Learn how you can track Clearbit Forms using Google Tag Manager.

Push the Google Analytics client ID to the dataLayer using customTask

Push the client ID to the dataLayer reliably using the customTask field in Google Analytics.

Predictions for Google Marketing Live 2018

Read our predictions for the upcoming Google Marketing Live 2018.

Webinar: Google Tag Manager Training

Get started using Google Tag Manager with our pre-recorded live training webinar.

New feature: Raw reconciliation tracker

Learn more about the Raw Tracker in Leadtosale.

Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 5 – Checking whether Google Tag Manager is installed automatically

When you're sending out a lot of Google Tag Manager containers, you don't want to be constantly checking if they're installed. Learn how to automate the check.