Call Tracking Software

Track phone call leads and the resulting revenue from your marketing with Leadtosale.

Know what channels, ads and keywords are generating the most call revenue and optimise your marketing.

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Purchase phone numbers

Purchase local and toll-free numbers from your country and around the world.

We have phone numbers from over 100 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our phone numbers are powered by Twilio, so you can be sure you're getting clean, working numbers every single time.

Worldwide phone tracking numbers

Dynamic number insertion

Dynamically insert tracking numbers, or multiple numbers, based off granular nested rules.

For example, choose to dynamically insert a set of numbers on your website when the source is google, the medium is cpc and the campaign name is not brand.

Build your rules so you're showing your number exactly when you need to, with one JavaScript snippet and no markup changes.

Call tracking with Leadtosale

Keyword level attribution

See what ads, campaigns and keywords are driving calls in Leadtosale and the platforms you use to measure your ads.

We integrate with Google Analytics and Google Ads out of the box, and can integrate with Facebook Ads with our Zapier integration.

We can also connect to CRM software through Zapier to see revenue data in these platforms.

Track phone calls with Leadtosale

Call recording & transcription

Find out what people said on the call without having to listen to the whole thing.

Give yourself and your clients a better idea of the quality of leads you're generating with transcriptions of phone calls.

We use the Google Cloud's advanced phone call transcription model to improve the transcription accuracy of our calls.

Phone call transcription with Leadtosale

Call whisper

Let receivers know what channel a call is coming from.

Dynamically insert container name, country or traffic medium. Or, add your own custom text, like your business name.

Now your clients and internal teams will know where their hot phone leads are coming from, in real time.

Call whisper messgae with Leadtosale

Custom integrations

If your telco or existing call tracking provider have an API, we can integrate with them - powered by our raw tracker.

Get the additional benefits of Leadtosale like auto event tracking, form tracking and Zapier integration for revenue tracking without having to change your existing provider.

Available to enterprise clients - reach out to us if you have any questions around integration.

Zapier and Leadtosale

"Leadtosale has provided us with an additional layer of data for campaign optimisation and return on ad spend analysis. This has allowed a more accurate approach to media planning and ultimately ROAS."

Jono Swanston, Head of Search & Analytics at Krunch