About Us

Leadtosale was built by marketers, for marketers.

We know the frustration of trying to make your lead generation marketing more effective, at scale.

Having worked in large scale lead generation for years, we needed a better way to roll out tracking for optimisation for our customers. So we built Leadtosale.

Read more about our leadership team below.

Curtis our Co-Founder Curtis Warner, Co-Founder

Curtis has extensive experience implementing tracking and optimisation at a large scale.

He will guide you in your implementation to ensure you know what to do, how it works and you're utilising all the functionality of the platform.

Mike our Co-Founder Mike Rishworth, Co-Founder

Mike has over a decade of experience in digital since founding New Zealand's largest competition website in the 2003.

Mike will help you with your overarching measurement strategy to maximise your ROI.