Connect HubSpot to Google Analytics

Learn how you can connect HubSpot and Google Analytics with Leadtosale

We've released our first native CRM integration - HubSpot. Now you can optimise your lead generation towards closed-won deals in HubSpot simply by authenticating your account.

What problem does this solve?

Often, marketers only have visibility of a lead before it is qualified by sales. This is particularly prevalent in agency-client relationships, where an agency will solely be responsible for generation leads, but not have visibility over the quality of leads they are generating.

All they see is a number in Google Analytics, or some other tool, which represents calls, form submissions or online chats they generated.

In addition to this, if visibility is granted, it takes manual effort to follow up on the status of a lead that's generated through a particular marketing channel. For example, if you're responsible for Google Ads, and you want to see the outcome of a particular lead you generated, you'll need to:

  1. Identify who that lead was, which can be challenging without PII in Google Analytics and Google Ads.
  2. Look up the status of that lead regularly, meaning you'll have to get an updated list regularly from the CRM.
  3. Get that data back into the marketing platforms you're using, meaning you'll have to import those conversions back into Google Ads.

This is a lot of effort, and would involve some development effort to automate.

How does Leadtosale solve this problem with the HubSpot integration?

Those that use the HubSpot integration will be able to:

  1. Easily identify the leads they generated along with identifying information (email address and caller IDs).
  2. Update these leads as closed-won if a deal closes in HubSpot, matched back to leads based on email addresses and phone numbers of contacts associated with those deals.
  3. Send this information back to Google Analytics as an event, with the deal value associated with that event.
  4. Create a goal in Google Analytics, and import this into Google Ads as a conversion.

Now you can start optimising you lead-generation like it's ecommerce, with real revenue figures associated with your marketing activity.

Is it easy to set up?

If you have access to HubSpot, you'll be able to authenticate by hitting the 'CONNECT' button within your Leadtosale container.

For more information on our HubSpot integration, head to our HubSpot integration help page.

How can I get started?

Our platform is free for form submissions and custom events. In addition to this, first account sign ups get one local call tracking number for 10 days.

To find out more information on getting started, you can:


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