New Feature Roundup - July 2019

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  1. Facebook Offline Conversions integration
  2. Additional Lead Insights
  3. Better email notifications

Facebook Offline Conversions integration

We now natively support Facebook Offline Conversions.

This means that you can:

  1. Send all your call, form, custom and raw leads to Facebook.
  2. Send all your closed-won leads to Facebook, and you can automate this through our HubSpot integration or Zapier integration

You can create a custom conversion based on these offline events, and use this as an optimisation goal for your ads.

This in addition to our existing integration with the Facebook Pixel, which lets you deploy it directly though our UI, in addition to some additional custom events like email link tracking.

Additional lead insights

Having raw IP addresses and user agents aren't particularly useful. However, the information contained in them is useful. Now, for every lead, we have parsed this information and you can see.

  1. A lead's location.
  2. A lead's local timezone.
  3. A lead's device, operating system and browser.

This information is available in our lead UI, CSV export and in our new email notifications.

Better email notifications

Understanding whether a lead looks qualified in real time is important for a gut feel of how things are going. For example, if you get a notification from a lead that filled out a form at 2am local time, it's unlikely that they are a marketing qualified lead (there are always exceptions to this).

Now, our updated email notifications give you access to:

  1. The email or caller ID of a new lead.
  2. The source, medium, campaign, term and content they used.
  3. The device they used.
  4. Their location and local time.


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