New feature: Raw reconciliation tracker

Learn more about the Raw Tracker in Leadtosale.

What is it?

Call tracking is an interesting problem. Phone calls and web visits are completely separate activities. To solve this problem, most call tracking systems reconcile phone calls with the last web hit they record. They usually offer rotating phone numbers and dynamic number insertion to increase the accuracy of this reconciliation process. For example, phone numbers are swapped out from a pool of numbers at random when there’s a website visit from AdWords.

We wanted to make a more generalised version of this concept available for our customers. With our new raw reconciliation tracker, you can apply dynamic, rotating insertion to new use cases.

How does it work?

Our raw reconciliation tracker produces a URL that which can be sent notifications of new inbound leads. Whenever the URL is sent lead data, it will associate it with the last hit that the tracker recorded on the website. This is just like the call tracking reconciliation process described above.

You can then send a Google Analytics event when the lead comes in and when this lead turns into a sale in your CRM or accounting software. You’ll need some sort of identifier to reconcile these leads with your sales data, so you’ll need to send the email address or phone number of the inbound lead.

Use cases

1) Bringing your own phone numbers for call tracking

Any VOIP/telco company that can send real time webhook (or email) notifications with an inbound caller’s number can now be used as a call tracking number provider. An example of a provider is 2Talk , who have ridiculously cheap usage fees for toll-free numbers. This dramatically brings down the cost of call tracking in New Zealand, particularly for toll-free numbers. Enterprise customers can also bring their existing calling infrastructure for call tracking, as long as they can send real-time notifications when call is received.

Just like existing call tracking systems, you can use dynamically inserted rotating trackers and numbers to increase the accuracy of the web visit reconciliation process.

2) Tracking when you receive emails from certain marketing sources

Along the same vein as the call tracking numbers, you can dynamically insert rotating pools of email addresses to reconcile inbound emails with your web visits. All email providers let you set up auto-forwards, so you can auto-forward this email on to the Zapier email parsing app. Then, you can send a webhook to the Leadtosale tracker URL to trigger the reconciliation process.

3) Come up with your own

We are sure you are more creative than us, so can come up with fun and interesting use cases for this tracker.

Final thoughts

Our raw reconciliation tracker can provide significant cost-savings to businesses using other call tracking providers, particularly for toll-free numbers. It also gives you a way to ditch the mailto: link tracking and track inbound emails back to their marketing source.

We hope this will provide you with the tools you need to show the world how great you are. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!


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