Auto Event Tracking

Deploy your web analytics automatically.

You don't need a tag management solution or to learn JavaScript to implement sophisticated lead and revenue tracking. Configure the events you want to track and we'll do the rest.

Get started for free. No credit card required.

Deploy your pixels

Once you've implemented our container snippet, you can deploy your pixels through our user interface.

Better yet, you can deploy on-site engagement tracking like clicks on phone links, email links and engagement with the clipboard.

Save time on learning and configuring tag management systems and consolidate your tracking in Leadtosale.

Measure events automatically

Track form submissions

Track your forms through configuration, not development work.

All you need to do is add a form tracker which will track all form submissions in the platform for you. You can add a CSS selector if you have specific forms you want to track.

No need to try and get Google Tag Manager's form submit listener working or ask your developers to implement their own custom event listeners.

Measure forms with Leadtosale

Track phone calls

Track phone leads through our platform, without having to make any changes to your number formatting.

We're fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can get revenue from phone call leads showing in Google Analytics and Google Ads.

We can show this data in Facebook Ads as well using our Zapier integration with Facebook Offline Conversions.

Learn more about call tracking

Track phone calls with Leadtosale

Configure your goals

Our pre-configured goal template has all the possible interactions you'd want to track set up for you.

These include form submissions, phone calls, clicks on email links, and when email addresses are copied to the clipboard.

Configure which events you'd like to track as needed and import them directly into Google Analytics with our template. Change this at any time in the UI.

Configure goals with Leadtosale

"Leadtosale has provided us with an additional layer of data for campaign optimisation and return on ad spend analysis. This has allowed a more accurate approach to media planning and ultimately ROAS."

Jono Swanston, Head of Search & Analytics at Krunch