Acuity Scheduling

Track appointment bookings via Acuity Scheduling with Leadtosale

Integrate Leadtosale with the embedded Acuity Scheduling widget, booking button or booking bar to see where your appointment bookings came from, which bookings result in sales and your highest revenue channels.

Follow these three simple steps:

1. Create a custom tracker

Create a new custom tracker if you don’t already have a custom tracker in the Leadtosale container you’re using.

2. Modify your Leadtosale tracking code

Update your Leadtosale tracking code to the following.

Replace YOURCONTAINER with your Leadtosale container ID.

var _lts = _lts || [];
var _lts_container = "YOURCONTAINER";
<script src="//" async></script>

window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);
function receiveMessage(event) {
if(typeof(!='undefined' && event.origin==""){

You can do this site wide or via Google Tag Manager, just make sure it is on each page where you have an Acuity Scheduling button, bar or embedded booking widget.

This code creates a new Event Listener that will listen in the users browser for a new booking via your widget.

3. Notify Leadtosale of new bookings

Within Acuity Scheduling paste the following code on your Custom Conversion Tracking page (this is in Integrations).

Make sure you replace YOURDOMAIN with your website that has your booking widget, ie.

Email: "%email%",
ID: "%id%",
Type: "%type%",
AppointmentType: "%appointmentType%",
Calendar: "%calendar%",
Price: "%price%",
}, "https://YOURDOMAIN")

Should you use Acuity Scheduling native Google Analytics integration?

Acuity Scheduling and Google Analytics

√ send booking events to Google Analytics
√ send events for booking pages to see dropoff in your booking funnel
x requires third party cookies and does not work with Safari

Leadtosale and Google Analytics

√ send booking events to Google Analytics
√ uses first party cookies and works in all browsers
√ track all leads in one place regardless of channel (phone, form, booking)
√ record which bookings result in sales and integrate with CRM

You can safely use both integrations and use events from either Acuity Scheduling or Leadtosale to create a Google Analytics goal. If you don’t want two events for each booking you can disable the Leadtosale event within your tracker settings.