Bulk trackers (advanced call tracker)

Track calls to your directory site easily using the bulk tracker.

What is the purpose of the bulk tracker?

The bulk tracker makes it easy for large directory businesses to track phone calls for their listings, and attribute this back to website activity.

Note that this feature is only available for enterprise customers, so we recommend you reach out to the team using the chat widget if you’d like to use this.

How does it do this?

There are a few elements which make the bulk tracker easier to implement than regular call trackers:

  1. You can purchase multiple call tracking numbers quickly.
  2. You can manage all your call tracking numbers, redirection numbers and replacement rules in one place.
  3. You can edit you call tracking numbers, redirection numbers and replacement rules in one place.
  4. You can deploy all these call tracking numbers through our one container snippet.

You can then associate calls to these numbers with web activity, using our Google Analytics integration.

Creating a new bulk tracker

In order to create a bulk tracker, you must first create a new call tracker, and follow the steps outlined in our call trackers article.

The only difference in the first step is ticking the ‘Bulk Tracker’ option in advanced settings.

Note that bulk trackers will ignore the value provided for destination number, as this will be configured per number.

When you select next, your number configuration screen will be different, and prompt you to upload your bulk number mappings.

Download the template for configuring your bulk number mappings below.

Once you have your template, you’ll need to configure seven columns, some of which are optional. Each row represents one call tracking number you’d like to use on your website.

find_this - Represents the number you’d like to find on your website, in order to swap in your call tracking number. 

destination_number - Represents where you’d like your call tracking number to redirect to. You need to format this with its international country code. For example, US numbers will start with a 1.

country_code - your two letter country code. For example, the United States would be US, Australia would be AU and New Zealand would be NZ.

- the call tracking number you’d like to use, if you have already purchased this. If this field is left blank, it will purchase a number for you.

name -
this will allow you to easily differentiate between phone call leads for different businesses. For example, you could use the business names in your directory.

- if you have a preference for the area code you’d like to use, enter it here. Make sure you start with your international country code, like 64 for New Zealand or 1 for the US. If a number is not found in this area code, it will purchase a number from anywhere, so it is recommended you are not too specific with your area codes.

number_type - represents the number type you’d like to use. We only support local at this stage for a bulk tracker.

Once you’ve completed your template, you’ll need to upload it. Make sure the file is saved as a csv file before uploading. Choose the correct file and select upload. This will give you a message as to how many numbers you’re purchasing, which you’ll be required to confirm.

Once you’ve uploaded and reviewed you template, select the ‘FINISH’ button to save your tracker.

Editing your bulk tracker

You can edit your bulk tracker through the exact same process as you created it. Note that this will override your previous number mappings.

Getting help

Our customer success team can manage a bulk tracker for you.

We recommend directory businesses reach out to us before trying to configure their own bulk tracker, to ensure it is configured correctly for your business.

Reach out to the team using the chat box and we’ll be happy to help.