Data Studio Connector

Find out how you can pull your lead data and call tracking into Data Studio automatically with our connector.

What is the point of this feature?

You may want your colleagues or clients to see a small amount of data from Leadtosale. Or, you may want to consolidate and display data from multiple sources. If either of these apply to you, then you can use our Data Studio connector.

What is Google Data Studio?

Data studio is free dashboarding software created by Google. With it, you can create and share dashboards with data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and more with your colleagues and clients. All you need is a Google account. Find out more about Google Data studio here.

How can I connect my Leadtosale account?

Follow the link below to add the Leadtosale connector in Data Studio.

There, you will be prompted to:

  1. Enter your API key. You can find this when you log in by selecting settings > profile. It’s called your “Zapier API key”.

2. Select the account you’d like to pull data from.
3. Select the container you’d like to pull data from.

From there, you will be able to add the data source, and start dashboarding.

Where can I go for help?

Message the team on the chat bubble and we’d be happy to help.