Facebook Pixel and Offline Conversions

Find out how Leadtosale integrates with the Facebook Pixel and Facebook Offline Conversions

Why does this integration exist?

Marketers spend money on Facebook Ads. It’s important that we can help measure the outcomes from your lead generation campaigns, and make it as easy as possible to implement that measurement. To do this, our Facebook Integrations allows you to:

  1. Deploy your Facebook Pixel and custom event tracking easily, with our auto event tracker.
  2. Track your form submissions, phone calls and custom lead types with our other tracker types and Facebook Offline conversions integration.
  3. Track sales from leads using our Facebook Offline conversions integrations.

With this, you can measure and optimise your lead generation activities using the Facebook advertising and attribution universe.

How does this integration work?

Our Pixel deployment and on-site event tracking (note: form submissions are tracked as offline conversions, rather than on-site events at this stage) are covered by our auto event tracker documentation. You can use this integration without having to authenticate your Facebook account. Simply use the container settings Facebook Pixel option like the below to use auto event tracking only.

For other tracker types, we use Facebook Offline conversions to track leads and sales. This means you need to authenticate your Facebook account.

Connecting your Facebook account

To connect your Facebook account, you’ll need to make sure you’re:

  1. Using Facebook Business manager
  2. Have permissions for a Facebook Pixel, and offline event set (alternatively, you can create a new offline event set through our platform).

To connect your account, click the ‘CONNECT’ button next to the Facebook Business section of your container integrations.

Then, click “Continue with Facebook” to start the connection flow.

Once you’ve authorised access, the connection will be available to select from the dropdown. Once selected, you’ll be able to choose:

  1. Which Business Manager account contains your Facebook assets.
  2. Which offline event set you’d like to use.
  3. Which Pixel you’d like to use (so you don’t have to manually enter it).

Once that’s done, you’re connected. We’ll go through more of the functionality of this below.

Creating a new offline event set

If you want to create a new event set, select the ‘NEW EVENT SET’ button and create one. Make sure you push the submit button once you’re finished.

Sending sales events to Facebook Offline Conversions

Whenever a lead is processed as a sale, offline events will automatically be sent to your selected offline event set, as purchase events with the value associated with the sale. Also, they’ll include custom data with the tracker type, and tracker name.

This will be of the format:

leadtosale: {{raw-lead, call-lead, form-lead or custom-lead depending on the tracker type}}

tracker: {{tracker name e.g. Form tracker}}

Note that purchases get converted into USD in the Facebook UI, from the currency of your business (based on your account country).

Remember, you can automate the marking of leads as won or lost using our native HubSpot integration or our Zapier integration.

Sending lead events to Facebook Offline Conversions

You can send new lead events to Facebook Offline conversions as well, using the “send new leads to Facebook” option within your trackers.

This option will only appear if you’ve connected your Facebook account.

When this option is selected, new leads will be sent as offline conversions to Facebook, where:

These are sent as contact events, with no value.

All events include custom data with the tracker type, and tracker name. Calls also have additional custom data which show the duration of the call and the number that was called. This will be of the format:

leadtosale: {{raw-lead, call-lead, form-lead or custom-lead depending on the tracker type}}

tracker: {{tracker name e.g. Form tracker}}

If it is a call tracker, it will include:

duration: {{duration in seconds}}

tracking-number: {{number called}}

Once connected, you can verify offline events as coming through by checking the appropriate offline event set in Facebook. To get there, go to Measure & report > Events manager > Offline events in business manager.

Note that you won’t see match rates until enough events are sent to your offline event set, to maintain privacy.

Now you can create custom conversions and new audiences based on your offline event set data, and use those to optimise your Facebook Ads.

Support and help

If you need support for our Facebook Integration, reach out to us in the chat and we’ll be happy to help.