Use our Zapier integration to create leads in your sales data source, or close sales that are won automatically in Leadtosale.


You’ll need a Zapier account to use build integrations. Sign up for an account at They have a free tier which may provide enough functionality for your use-case.

Getting access

Create a Zap or contact our team for help. We’ll send you an email invite to our app.


To authenticate your Leadtosale user, head to the profile section in the top right menu after you log in.

Here you can find your Zapier API key, which you will be prompted to enter into Zapier when you connect your Leadtosale account.

You authenticate integrations at the user level, which lets you build an integration for any container within any business you have access to.

Now you’ve authenticated your user, you can start creating Zaps.

Creating Zaps

Zaps are the fundamental unit of Zapier. They are the chain of tasks which are automated. They start with a trigger, and additional tasks are called actions.

You can have multiple actions occur from one trigger with a paid Zapier account.

Leadtosale triggers

New lead

Kick off a zap when a new lead is created in Leadtosale from any of the tracker types.

Lead marked as sale

Kick off a zap when a lead is marked as a sale. This allows you to send these sales to other places, like Facebook Offline Conversions. You could also simply tack this on as another action, after the lead complete action.

Leadtosale actions

Search lead

Find a certain lead by searching for it using an email address, phone number or name (or any other field within that lead). You can use this to find leads based off closed CRM deals.

This means that you do not need to store the Leadtosale ID in your sales data source to be able to reconcile closed deals with leads.

If more than one lead is found for the same search field, the first one is returned.

Lead complete

This is used when you already know the ID of the lead you’re looking for. You can also use the search lead functionality to get the ID you need.

Once you have the ID, use the lead complete action to mark the sale as yes or no, and optionally give it a value. This means you can send deal values from your CRM with the sales events to Google Analytics.

Get creative

Zapier is a powerful platform which allows you to get creative with your integrations - get creative! We suggest you research the email parser and webhook apps within Zapier to unlock its full potential. Remember - you can always reach out to support to get guidance on building an integration.