Tracking Solutions For Channel Partners

Solutions designed with large-scale Google & Facebook channel partners in mind.

Give your clients a full picture of the value of their online advertising without increasing your people cost using Leadtosale.

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Automate your tracking

Use our point and click UI to track your marketing activity in the platforms you use to generate leads. Do this without specialist knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, the Facebook Pixel or Google Ads conversion tracking.

Take advantage of the consistency by automating your reporting. Set up new data studio templates in a few clicks without editing the dashboard for every client. Save hours of configuration and focus on delivering your clients more business.

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Call tracking with Leadtosale

Extend your tracking with phone calls

Track the phone calls you generate from digital activity using Leadtosale.

Attribute these calls back to online activity and take advantage of Google & Facebook's machine learning capability to optimise your bids and budgets.

Deliver your clients more leads over time, with the help of Google & Facebook.

Find out more about call tracking.

Call tracking with Leadtosale

Close the loop with extensive feedback tools

Handle client objections easily with closed loop feedback tools in Leadtosale.

You and your clients can listen to phone calls, make notes about leads and give leads an outcome. You can even connect to your a client's CRM data to do this automatically.

Show your clients the true value of their online marketing with real, high quality leads you've generated for them.

Zapier and Leadtosale

"Leadtosale has provided us with an additional layer of data for campaign optimisation and return on ad spend analysis. This has allowed a more accurate approach to media planning and ultimately ROAS."

Jono Swanston, Head of Search & Analytics at Krunch