Tracking Solutions For Directories

Solutions designed with large-scale directories in mind.

Track form submissions, phone calls and custom events on your directory listings and attribute them to web activity. Give your customers a clear picture of their ROI from listing in your directory.

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Bulk purchase and update multiple phone numbers at once

Purchase hundreds of phone numbers at once by uploading a csv file. Simply specify an area code and redirect for each number and we'll do the rest for you.

Display these numbers onto your site without changes to your markup with our JavaScript snippet. Or, alternatively, use our self hosted JavaScript option and hard code these numbers in - it's totally up to you.

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Bulk call tracking with Leadtosale

Attribute phone calls back to on-site activity

Send events to Google Analytics when phone calls come through - matched back to the last person who viewed that tracking number.

This allows accurate matching to web visits without requiring multiple numbers per listing.

Use this data to measure the impact of changes to your directory, with tools like Google Optimize.

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Call tracking with Leadtosale

Prove your value and power a pay per lead model

Are your customers unsure about the value they get from your directory?

Give your customers a clear view of the incremental, quality leads you delivered each month

Clients still unsure? Implement a pay per lead model powered by Leadtosale. Track your leads, de-duplicate repeat leads and use this to charge your clients for the value you're delivering them.

Prove your value

"Leadtosale has provided us with an additional layer of data for campaign optimisation and return on ad spend analysis. This has allowed a more accurate approach to media planning and ultimately ROAS."

Jono Swanston, Head of Search & Analytics at Krunch