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Predictions for Google Marketing Live 2018

8-Jul-2018, 0 comments

We’re only days away now from Google Marketing Live, where we’ll find out about the year ahead of feature changes in Google’s Advertising platforms. The big bomb has already been dropped, with Google announcing it will be changing the name of its 18-year-old platform, Google AdWords, to ‘Google Ads’. Is this the biggest news to come, or is it the smoke-bomb before Google drops more changes on us? Here are our predictions of what’s coming, but first let’s look a bit closer at the…

Adding withIds() to the Large Manager Heirarchy Template for AdWords Scripts

7-Mar-2018, 0 comments

What is the Large Manager Hierarchy Template?

You may want to make bulk changes across a large number of accounts within your MCC using AdWords Scripts. However, there a limitations on the run time of a AdWords script which means it will time out if you try and use it across too many accounts. Google have fortunately released a solution to this which allows the script to save its progress and restart to avoid issues with timing out. This is called the Large…