Simplify your TV and radio attribution strategy using redirects

21-Apr-2018, 0 comments

The problem

Measuring the impact of your TV and radio ads can be quite challenging. There are some tools out there to help with this but unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive. Apart from building the models yourself in something like R , there isn’t really a reasonably priced tool that you can use for this.

The solution

One of the great things about Google Analytics is that you can use UTM tags to identify and explicitly label different traffic sources, mediums…

Measure incremental in-store conversions from Facebook Ads using Vend and Zapier

3-Apr-2018, 0 comments


Facebook is really hitting the holy grail in terms of marketing measurement, particularly after making its conversion lift measurement solution available to everyone. This, in combination with its offline conversion measurement, allows you to measure the incremental lift in offline conversions generated from Facebook ads. Facebook needs offline conversion data to be able to run a conversion lift…