Track Clearbit Forms using Google Tag Manager

12-Jul-2018, 0 comments

What is Clearbit and what are Clearbit Forms?

Clearbit is a B2B data company that allows you to enrich sign-ups, identify prospects and gain customer insights through their product suite. Their flagship product, enrichment, allows you to enrich an email address with insights about that person and their company, including job title, company size and more.

This means you can spend less time researching a lead and follow up with that lead in the appropriate way based on characteristics…

New feature: Raw reconciliation tracker

14-May-2018, 0 comments

What is it?

Call tracking is an interesting problem. Phone calls and web visits are completely separate activities. To solve this problem, most call tracking systems reconcile phone calls with the last web hit they record. They usually offer rotating phone numbers and dynamic number insertion to increase the accuracy of this reconciliation process. For example, phone numbers are swapped out from a pool of numbers at random when there’s a website visit from AdWords.

We wanted…

Measure incremental in-store conversions from Facebook Ads using Vend and Zapier

3-Apr-2018, 0 comments


Facebook is really hitting the holy grail in terms of marketing measurement, particularly after making its conversion lift measurement solution available to everyone. This, in combination with its offline conversion measurement, allows you to measure the incremental lift in offline conversions generated from Facebook ads. Facebook needs offline conversion data to be able to run a conversion lift…