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Track Clearbit Forms using Google Tag Manager

12-Jul-2018, 0 comments

What is Clearbit and what are Clearbit Forms?

Clearbit is a B2B data company that allows you to enrich sign-ups, identify prospects and gain customer insights through their product suite. Their flagship product, enrichment, allows you to enrich an email address with insights about that person and their company, including job title, company size and more.

This means you can spend less time researching a lead and follow up with that lead in the appropriate way based on characteristics…

Push the Google Analytics client ID to the dataLayer using customTask

10-Jul-2018, 0 comments

Background and the problem

Google allows you to get and modify your Measurement Protocol hits as they are being built using customTask. This allows users to easily access the Google Analytics client ID even on the first page view (i.e. before the client ID has been set) without having to create a dummy tracker or moving away from the Universal Analytics template tag in Google Tag Manager.

Webinar: Google Tag Manager Training

9-Jun-2018, 0 comments

Check out our webinar on how to get started with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics – Google Tag Manager basic training.

  • Find the original blog post for the copy…

Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 5 – Checking whether Google Tag Manager is installed automatically

10-May-2018, 0 comments


We’re finally here – the last part in our five part series on rolling out web analytics at scale. As always, if you still need to read parts one, two, three, and four,…

Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 4 – Distributing your Google Tag Manager containers

2-May-2018, 0 comments


We’re back for the fourth part of our five part series. This article will give you the tools you need to easily distribute the Google Tag Manager containers you create using Google Apps Script to your customers. If you haven’t read parts one, two and three,…

Outbound link click custom JavaScript variable for Google Tag Manager

25-Apr-2018, 0 comments

Why would you need this?

When people go to different websites from links in your website, you want to know where they’re going. You can manually tag certain outbound links using JavaScript or Google Tag Manager, but this is time consuming and adds unneccessary bulk to your analytics implementation.

The variable in this post allows you to check whether each outbound link click contains the top level domain from the current page, and returns true if it doesn’t. You can…

Roll out web analytics at scale pt 2: more complicated triggers and tags in Google Tag Manager

7-Apr-2018, 0 comments


This blog continues our series on rolling out web analytics at scale using Google Apps Script. If you haven’t seen part one, go back and read it! The aim of part 2 is to show you some more complicated trigger and tag examples you will likely need when rolling out your bulk containers.

More complicated triggers

Custom event

This example is a custom event trigger…

Roll out web analytics at scale with Google Apps Script pt 1: Google Tag Manager

2-Apr-2018, 0 comments

Why would you want to do this?

As digital marketers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the we deliver value to our customers. Web analytics tools are one of the ways in which we can demonstrate this value. However, one of the challenging parts about working at scale is the time commitment involved from both the digital marketer and the customer. Unfortunately, this can often mean delays in the roll out of web analytics tools, like Google Analytics. This series of blog posts is about…