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Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 4 – Distributing your Google Tag Manager containers

You've generated lots of containers, but how do you get them to your customers? Learn how you can send them out in emails with Google Apps Script.

Outbound link click custom JavaScript variable for Google Tag Manager

Track outbound link clicks in Google Tag Manager without customising for every domain with this custom JavaScript variable.

Simplify your TV and radio attribution strategy using redirects

Vanity URLs are an easy way to track your TV and radio ads, find out more.

Roll out web analytics at scale pt. 3 – Creating and configuring Google Analytics properties

Learn how you can use Google Apps Script to bulk create pre-configured Google Analytics properties.

Roll out web analytics at scale pt 2: more complicated triggers and tags in Google Tag Manager

Working with some complex Tag Manager tags and triggers in Google Apps Script? Here are some pre-built examples to work from.

Measure incremental in-store conversions from Facebook Ads using Vend and Zapier

Measure your in-store sales uplift from Facebook Ads with Vend and Zapier.

Roll out web analytics at scale with Google Apps Script pt 1: Google Tag Manager

Spend less time implementing and more time optimising by automating your web analytics roll out with Google Apps Script.

Adding withIds() to the Large Manager Heirarchy Template for AdWords Scripts

Limit global MCC changes with Google Ads Scripts using a withIds() condition that targets certain account IDs.